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The Punjab was the part of India which had to suffer during the division mostly from devastations and damages. Even more astonishingly is the fact that the Punjab is today the richest state of the subcontinent. The Punjab owns no mineral resources and no natural advantages which could have led to it, it was purely … Continue reading

Bread and grain

Without every doubt is the rice of India main food which is also eaten in the whole country. But only in the south he is of essential meaning. In the north the rice is complemented with many bread kinds, there known as a Rotis (in the Punjab as a Phulka). They find on the way … Continue reading

NRI Property Societies, International Companions

Punjab True Home: Punjabis Want to Can come Property Warm supposition concerning fresh as well as unwanted NRI the technical minded hoping to occur property provides directed businessperson T.S. Dhillon in order to chalk out there ideas for the cozy real estate arena with regard to NRIs within Mohali. Inaugurating their NRI Providers Center inside … Continue reading

Local Indian Cookery – The Punjab

The Punjab is located in eastern India and also is divided through the Indian/Pakistani border. It might be extremely fertile because of the rivers which cross below and even like a effect, farming is important for the economic system. Whole wheat accounts for any huge portion from the crops, together with corn, mustard green, sugar … Continue reading

Journey Suggestions for Northern India in The winter season

The geographical position and unusual topography of India is accountable with the country’s diverse surroundings. Ought to you have ideas of going to northern India, it is possible to assume the weather to get hotter over the summer and cooler in the winter season. Previous to preparing there, you ought to consider into account these … Continue reading