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Beautiful Kerala

Kerala, the enchanting green country, is a narrow, fertile coastal stripe in the southwest of India. He borders to the land side on the western Ghats. These high mountain ranges were it also, the Kerala against invaders from other parts of India protected. Indeed, Kerala looks back at a long history concerning the contacts with … Continue reading


Mother Nature has thrown away plenty of surprises, puzzles, mysteries for humans to relish and enjoy and admire the beauty of these surprises. These surprises are spread out all around the world. Taking the country of India into discussion, these surprises range from the mountains of Himalayas in the north to the Thar Desert in … Continue reading


Nature has thrown away plenty of surprises for humans to see, admire, envy and enjoy in and around the world. And the country of India is no exception to it. Similar to the snow clad mountains in the northern part of India, the southern part of India has equally plenty of natural inspirations for humans … Continue reading

Chennai India

Chennai, also referred to as Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu, could be the country’s fourth biggest metropolis. In comparison on the other significant metros of India, it’s always far a smaller amount congested and polluted. Chennai was the web site of the initial settlement of that East India Corporation. It was founded in 1639, … Continue reading