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Travelling around the Himalaya

Himachal Pradesh To the climaxes of a visit of Himachal Pradesh belongs certainly also Simla, the “summer residence” during the time of the Britons. This place also is even today the most important resort in the mountains of India. The Kulu Valley probably belongs to the nicest areas of this earth. There a luxuriant vegetation … Continue reading

Kashmir trips

One calls the valley of the cashmere, Srinagar in which lies also a paradise on earth. The Moghul emperors Jahangir was so entrancedly from the beauty of this valley which he called, Even Firdaus, rests zamin BRANCH, hamin Asto, hamin Asto, hamin Asto. (If it a sky on earth, it’ see here, it’ see here, … Continue reading

Glaciers of India

The Siachen glacier is positioned while in the severe north-central portion of Jammu as well as Kashmir in close proximity to the border of India and Tibet. Using a span of around 72-km, Siachen is actually commonly called the largest glacier while in the globe outside the Polar Regions. Found for the north-facing slopes within … Continue reading