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Goa – The Ideal Vacation spot

In case yourself think within the expression ‘Life is really a party’, then Goa will be the ideal vacation spot for the subsequent vacations. As well as for these who’ve a miscellaneous viewpoint, would start rethinking to redefine their own philosophy as soon as they’re right here. Goa India journey enlightens the visitors with it’s … Continue reading

Goa’s beaches

Goa is above all known and likes because of it’s beaches. Since beginning of 60 he years in particular tourists from the west come flocking. Now and then the tourists suffer from a bad press, namely in the western one as well as in the Indian media. This has his reason in the fact that … Continue reading


The little one former Portuguese enclave of Goa (Whole surface 3.813 km2, the most important Sprachen:Marathi, Konkan and Gujarati) is still the most important tourist aim of India. It kept till this day beside the old Portuguese life style, this is even more astonishing than Goa belongs meanwhile already many years to India. The most … Continue reading