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Goa’s beaches

Goa is above all known and likes because of it’s beaches. Since beginning of 60 he years in particular tourists from the west come flocking. Now and then the tourists suffer from a bad press, namely in the western one as well as in the Indian media. This has his reason in the fact that … Continue reading

Beaches in south India

In this beautiful world which has 75% water and 25% land by proportion, some of the land portions are surrounded by seas on its sides. There are some countries which are land-locked with land boundaries on all sides. India fortunately has land as a boundary only in its northern front. It is bounded by Indian … Continue reading

Shores of India

Seashores produce a good replace from your hectic daily lifestyle and if you’re seeking for the adjustment, then hop on at the nearest beach front web-site together with your loved ones and catch up together with the lost time. India delivers numerous splendid beachfront regions. A number of the most fitting beach front resort possibilities … Continue reading