Palace on wheels – Rajasthan trip with luxury train

Aboard the royal luxury train “Palace on Wheels” you enjoy a trip by Rajasthan and you feel like a maharaja (Maharaja) in the old times.  The comfort and luxury in the “palace on wheels” looks about thus: Every drawing room carriage is equipped with society space, minibar and kitchenette. Every cabin in the “palace on wheels” disposes of a toilet and shower, hot and cold water.

Indian or European cuisine is served in separate dining car by the “palace on wheels”. You will certainly like an observation car with bar. In every drawing room carriage a boss and his assistant concerns for your culinary wishes. A loudspeaker arrangement transfers music and important announcements which matter during the trip with “palace on wheels”". A library is also available to you. Emergency room for the first help is available in the train. One has also thought to the medical care in every stopover. An exchange office and counter for traveler’s cheque also exists in the train “palace on wheels”.

The rooms in the “palace on wheels”: Every carriage has 4 double bed compartments. In the “palace on wheels” which has only recently the new equipment, there are 52 sleeping car compartments with 2 beds in each case in which the beds cannot be attached now any more, but side by side. The air-conditioned train leads without any hurry, so that one can completely enjoy the varying landscapes of Rajasthan.