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One calls the valley of the cashmere, Srinagar in which lies also a paradise on earth. The Moghul emperors Jahangir was so entrancedly from the beauty of this valley which he called, Even Firdaus, rests zamin BRANCH, hamin Asto, hamin Asto, hamin Asto. (If it a sky on earth, it’ see here, it’ see here, it’ see here). There is a row of tourist places in and around Srinagar.

Srinagar is of the summer capital of the federal state of Jammu and Kashmir and is the pride the nice valley of Kashmir. Srinagar is famous for his lakes and the winning rows of houseboats in them. It is also known for the traditional crafts to Kashmiri and dry fruits

Srinagar is in the western part of the federal state of Jammu and Kashmir, in the northern region of India. It is in the cashmere valley. River Jhelum goes through Srinagar town. Srinagar is 876 km to the north of Delhi. The weather in Srinagar is alpine. Summer (April Junes) are mild and the winters are cold (November February). It strong snowfall in December February. The best time for a visit in Srinagar is during the summers between April and June.

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