Indian Languages

Languages in India

India has to offer languages to variety like no other country of the earth. According to estimates more than 1650 different languages are spoken in India, countless dialects are not counted. This entails that even the Indians often do not get on together. Such “notification hurdles” are overcome by means of English what also the foreign guest profits from. With English one finds the way about the whole country!

About 72% of the Indian population there speak indo aryan languages, before all Hindi (38%), Bengali, Bihari, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati, ace Yank, Kaschmiri, Nepali and Urdu. In the southern India Drawida languages are spoken from 25% of the population, above all Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. Remaining 3% speak languages

Mongolian origin, as for example the language of about 350,000 inhabitants Nagalands in the north-east of India. Office languages are a Hindi (in Devanagari writing) and English, besides there are another 14 equal regional heads languages. All abovementioned except Nepali belong to it, moreover, Sanskrit. Without counting generally the numerous dialects, besides, there are about 220 languages which are spoken, nevertheless, mostly only of small groups and remote trunks. About 7% of the Indian population are assigned to such trunks on what the large part in the north-east, in Orissa and in Rajasthan and Gujarat lives.