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Indian cuisine

Some certainly know the problem: the piggy bank is blank this year. The India vacation further than ever. The culprits? One must not be deprived of the rising fuel oil prices, the running costs, bad economic situation, etc. however, India, however, also completely. Since not everything what looks at first sight afterwards as if one … Continue reading

Indian menus

A special pleasure prepares the way for the reader of Indian menus as with the English language becomes handled. Almost every India traveller will control at least some lumps English, because he must be able to read also the menus. Nevertheless, this requires a special power of deduction, if instead of cornflakes Cornflaks (as if … Continue reading


Surprisingly tea is not the most important drink in India as this is the case in Afghanistan and in Iran. However, for the Indians this is bad, because so much tea is grown that it is almost incomprehensible, like they can cook such an execrable, to sweet, milky-murky brew from it. This has nothing more … Continue reading


Appropriate for style an Indian meal should be finished with Pan. Thus one calls a mixture of spices and ingredients with Betel. Betel is an intoxicating and addictive plant (nut) which is inedible alone.

Indian fruits

If sweets to you do not taste, fall back best of all on the big choice of Indian fruits. They get everything between the tropical plants of the south up to apples, apricots and other products of the north. A speciality are the strawberries and cherries from Kashmir.

Desserts and sweets

Undoubtedly the Indians eat with pleasure sweet, because the offer of desserts and other delicacies is big. Widespread as a dessert is Kulfi, the Indian variation of our food ice. However, they also get in completely India normal food ice. The best known brands and kinds are very good and healthy. Is famous and is … Continue reading

European food in India

Who would like to renounce once the Indian cuisine and eat usual or, in any case, of the home cuisine of resembling, must look around a little. You have mostly luck there maybe in the station restaurants which sometimes offer something eatable in this direction. Info articel:european food in india


This is the most popular and best known vegetarian food in completely India. Originally it was known only in the south, started, in the meantime, however, his triumphal procession all over India, so that you find Thalis or “vegetarian plate dishes” in the whole country on the menus.

Side dishes

To Indian dishes belonged always a whole number of side dishes. One of the most popular ones is probably Dahi – this is Curd or yoghurt. He owns the very useful quality, rallies spicy curry dishes to neutralise. This can happen either by the fact that one mixes the yoghurt with the dish or – … Continue reading

Tandoori, Biriyani and regional specialities

Tandoori food is a North-Indian speciality and decreases to the mucky stove in which the meal is cooked, after it was laid in a sauce from spices and yoghurt. Tandoori dishes, particularly Tandoori chicken, are not spiced completely as sharply as the curry meals and taste good as a rule fantastically. Another dish from the … Continue reading