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Luxury hotel restaurants in India

Who must fight not exactly with an extremely small budget, that should permit the luxury to himself once to take a costly, luxurious meal to himself in India. Then are probably most inexpensive “Buffet Lunches”, i.e. you may eat so much as your stomach touches. There are dishes of this kind at many hotels.

Different Indian dishes

There are substantial differences in the catering between the north and the south. This partially lies with the climatic conditions and on the other hand with the historical influence. As already mentioned, more meat is eaten in the north substantially, and the dishes are often “a la Mogul”. This means that the dishes are related … Continue reading

The royal luxury feature through Gujarat and Rajasthan – The “Royal Orient” train

Because in the Indian federal state of Rajasthan the railway tracks from Metre-purely on broad gauge are moved, now the luxury feature drives “palace on wheels” under the new name “The Royal Orient” on another distance by Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Railway station restaurants

Railway station restaurants are a hot tip in India as regards food. The dishes there are prepared mostly perfectly, and if your need is covered in curry meals once again, get there also food according to western images, only expensive. Of course this should not be called that the Indian station restaurants are meeting places … Continue reading

About Indian food

The Indian cuisine is of full surprises and lusciousness. Still you will be disappointing every now and then by the offered dishes. In smaller places the choice is not very big in meals, and not seldom it runs out from rice and Dahl. Against it the offer is varied in the cities and is distinguished.

How to eat in India

Europeans experience a cultural shock if they enter the first time a restaurant and see that is eaten in India traditionally with the hand. This looks quite unappetizing on many. Some try out it, however, from curiosity and find out unexpectedly that food tastes so much better.

Behavioral tips for India

With the Indian greeting “Namasté”, to folded hands and a smile on the lips one finds in India fast friends. Of Indians and female Indians are glad as a rule about the contact with foreign guests, one should not avoid to appeal to themselves. To let appeal, nevertheless, is to be enjoyed just at places … Continue reading

Food and drinks in India

Against food and drinking on the street is to be advised in general, above all on the first days of your India stay. Later, nevertheless, one should want to cost once from the tempting offer, it is absolutely to be recommended to keep to the completely well-done or even cooked dishes. Against the drinking of … Continue reading