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Indian fruits and desserts

Fruits The choice in the fruits which are available at the market is big. Some kinds are offered only seasonally or on the regional level. One gets other as for example bananas always and everywhere. Ideally fruits should be always peeled or when this is not possible, in an iodine-containing solution or Potassium permanganate are … Continue reading

Trip tips for India

Clothes in India One is well equipped with light clothes, mainly of cotton, and comfortable shoes in India for the day. In southern India a light pullover and a woollen jacket is to be recommended for higher situated regions in the evening. In Northern India and West Indies it can get cold between November and … Continue reading

Things you should know if you are travelling alone as a woman

Unaccompanied women have in India in contrast to some other countries of Asia – as for example Pakistan – hardly problems. Nevertheless, some advice is good if one follows them from the start. One pays attention to the fact that one covers the upper arm, breast and back better well, this are – from what … Continue reading

Hospitals – Important tips

In spite of some exceptions, like the mission hospital in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, the Jaslok hospital in Bombay and all India Medical of institutes in Delhi, most Indian hospitals do not approach the state kind of the hospitals of the western world. Basically one can assume in India from the fact that the hospitals of … Continue reading

Stomach trouble – What to do and how to prevent

The illness against which most India travellers have to fight is quite an other: Delhi belly, an indisposition which allows to rebel the stomachs. It often originates from a food conversion or develops because of the well spicy dishes. However, not seldom also contaminated water or infected food is to blame. As a precaution you … Continue reading

Health tips for travelling through India

Vaccinations: If you travel to India, compelling vaccination regulations do not exist. Nevertheless, a yellow fever and smallpox vaccination is required if you enter from a threatened area. Still you should consider whether you should not allow to inoculate yourselves, nevertheless, as a precaution against some illnesses. What should be this in detail, discuss best … Continue reading

Indian Drinks

The main drink of the Indians, the water, should be drunk by foreigners only if it is boiled or is well filtered. At the market different kinds of mineral water are offered. However, by the purchase one should pay attention to the fact that the bottles are still sealed, because they are sometimes filled in … Continue reading

Indian Languages

Languages in India India has to offer languages to variety like no other country of the earth. According to estimates more than 1650 different languages are spoken in India, countless dialects are not counted. This entails that even the Indians often do not get on together. Such “notification hurdles” are overcome by means of English … Continue reading

Vegetarian in India

The Indian vegetarians can be divided in two groups namely those who eat onions and which, none eat. Without onions” are whole strict vegetarians who use mostly even little fat to the cooking and primarily in To parts of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat are to be found. Fur them is also a garlic … Continue reading