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Goa cuisine

Most courts on the menus in Goa hardly differ of their other towns in India. However, there there come some specialities, as for example Vindaloo, a popular court of pork, the sausage Chourisso and the pork liver court of Sarpotel. Of inspiration richly, diverse and freshly all fish dishes are of course in Goa. Bangra … Continue reading

Nepal travel informations

Nepal conditions of entry German and Austrian citizens receive the Nepalese visa with the entry at the airport in Katmandu. The costs for the visa amount to 30 US $ which must be held ready in cash. In addition, two passport photographs are requested.


The little one former Portuguese enclave of Goa (Whole surface 3.813 km2, the most important Sprachen:Marathi, Konkan and Gujarati) is still the most important tourist aim of India. It kept till this day beside the old Portuguese life style, this is even more astonishing than Goa belongs meanwhile already many years to India. The most … Continue reading


Ayurveda, “The knowledge (‘Veda’) of the life translates (‘Ayus’)”, is the oldest known remedial science of the world. Ayurveda is valid as the basis of all medicine kinds. The knowledge was delivered before thousands of years orally. The oldest writings into Sanskrit are 5000 years old. More than 3000 years ago Ayurveda originated in India … Continue reading

Indian population

India is valid beside the People’s Republic of China as the population-strongest country of the world. In comparison to the high number of inhabitants from over a milliard people it is astonishing that the Indian population inhabits only 2.4% of the earth’s surface. The population density lies on an average with more than approx. 400 … Continue reading

Indian cuisine

If one has dealt a little bit with the subject „Indian kitchen” and has cost different Indian courts, one gets on that there is the Indian kitchen not really that, nevertheless, it would be lied to state, there would be no good food in India. The Indian kitchen is very varied and is very different … Continue reading

Agra sightseeing

“Taj Mahal” will be the nearly all well-known monument within the earth. The king Jahan constructed that for his nearly all stunning spouse “Mumtaj Mahal”. It’s certainly one of the 3 globe history websites in India and other people are Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Taj mahal is created from whitened marbled; it’s the the … Continue reading

Journey info for India

Quite a few first occupants of India similar to the Aryans, Mughals, Mauryas and additional rulers and royal kings have gone at the rear of stories of wealthy tradition and variety to become discovered by vacationers going to right here. Proper from nearby roads to happy typical monuments, each corner and part provides an enjoyable … Continue reading